Learn Tutting For Beginners: A 3 Step approach to tutting basics

Even as a dancer, one of the most difficult styles of dance that I learned was tutting. Which is a dance that was inspired by the Egyptian paintings found on pyramid walls, also known as the “King Tut” (You see what they did there?)

Ancient Egyptian Art

This is a classic case of History inspiring the future.

Tutting now a days barely looks like that anymore, it has evolved so deeply into something completely different.
Tutting itself has turned into a whole new style in it’s own.

Finger Tutting
King Tut

But I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves here… This video that I created is meant to show the basic movements and concepts of tutting.

In the video, Richstylez explains 3 main things that are important when it comes to learning, practicing and performing tut style.


1. Stretching and Wrist Flexibility.

One of the main things that hinders a lot of people from trying the dance is flexibility. Just because the dance is mostly arms and hands doesn’t mean that stretching should be put in the back burner.

In the video he demonstrates a simple stretch that will easily get your wrists straight and flexible in no time (so long as you consistently practice).


2. 3 Point movement and articulation

Another reason tutting gets a little overwhelming is because the movements seem endless. Where do I put my arm? Can I rotate this way? What do I do next?

These are all valid questions and really paralyze the dancer when the options seem limitless, which is why we are minimize to 3 points of articulation only. This not only helps your mind chunk things down into a smaller more manageable size, it allows you to know where and what to move.

The shoulders, Elbows and Wrists are the main movers.

Don’t forget to practice on both arms

3. Wrist Rolls

And last but certainly not least are wrist rolls. In order to perform this movement an exercise that is shown in the video requires you to hold your forearm so that nothing moves but the wrist.

The secret here is in the isolation of the wrist

While your have your forearm locked rotate your wrist clockwise and counter clockwise while keeping the fingers and palm also in line.

NOW that we got those 3 basic prerequisites out of the way…

Let’s get to the fun stuff! THE DANCE!!!


In the video Richstylez shows you a simple 2 8 count routine that you can perform to any song of your choice, but for the purposes of the video it is shown to the track by: The Weeknd – I Feel It Coming (Remix) The link to the track is posted down below.

I hope you guys have fun and learn from the video! ENJOY


Pretty soon you will be able to start Freestyling your Tuts like this video

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The Weeknd ft Daft Punk – I Feel it Coming (Equateur Remix)


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