3 Easy Popping Dance Moves For Beginners

Are you one of those people who spends hours on youtube watching in awe as people perform INSANE dance moves and crazy tricks with their body? I used to be one of them, except before youtube I had to watch in awe using VHS tapes and DVDs. I was very fortunate to be part of a dance crew and company that really wanted to grow as artists and dancers so it wasn’t hard for us to seek out knowledge from some of the great dancers of my generation.

You have the Curiosity and motivation to learn how to pop, you also have the unlimited resource known as the internet (you might have heard of it…)

But, where do you start!?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when presented with all this knowledge and no direction or focus. I found that this really stops a lot of potentially AMAZING Dancers from becoming great!

But not you, you are here and I’m gonna show you how to begin when you don’t know how to (I wished someone told me this when I first started).

REALLY QUICK, What Is Popping?!

Okay, since we’re talking about a dance style that has evolved over the years into something completely new and exciting, it is great to understand where it came from and what it was about. (Don’t worry I won’t go too deep into the history here, I’ll save that for another post ;))

Popping started way back when Disco was dying and Hip Hop was coming up in the mid to late 70s (I know, a long time for some people). The way Breakdancing originated in the East Coast of New York City, Popping Originated in the West Coast of Fresno, California.

Popping generally involves the contracting of various body parts to the beat, also known as hitting.

Throughout the years popping has become it’s own full on dance style with it’s own vocabulary and sub styles. Some include The Robot, Waving and Tutting to name a few.

3 Easy Popping Dance Moves

1. The Wave

Probably one of the most popular moves in streetdance history, the wave is used in multiple dance styles as well. It has made its way over to hip hop dance and sometimes even contemporary. (I love when multiple styles collide!)

In this video I breakdown the basic arm wave. The wave is a very fluid movement that almost makes your limbs look like they are made of liquid.


2. Tutting

Another very popular style that people use is Tutting. Tutting is almost the opposite of the wave in that Tutting requires sharp movements and creating geometric shapes with your arms (like a square?) yes like a square!

3. Footwork

It isn’t dancing until you are using your feet somehow. Now this video includes a basic footwork combination that I learned when I was first starting how to pop. It takes a little patience and repetition to get it down perfectly and to the music.


And those are 3 Popping dance moves that you can learn today to start dancing!

Don’t forget that dancing like anything requires practice. But make it fun for yourself, dance these moves to your favorite songs.



I hope these videos helped you get started, if you would like to join my online classes and learn everything there is to know about popping click on the picture below!


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