3 Things You NEED To Freestyle Dance… Well

How to Freestyle Dance

Even today I am still at awe at some of the freestyle dancers out there! If you have ever see any of those dancers on youtube or out on the street and wondered how can they pull those kind of moves off? Is it magic or some sort of spiritual essence that is moving them?

Well… sometimes

But I have spent many years breaking down and figuring out how the greats do what they do. From Fred Astaire to Daniel “Cloud” Campos.

There is a formula that most dancers adhere to and there and certain things that all dancers do in order to freestyle or dance well.

In this video I will tell you the 3 essential things you need in order to freestyle dance well and with purpose.

Freestyle dance should be easy and fun, once you start to understand it’s certain techniques it becomes easier and a form of mediation.

The 3 things you NEED to learn are:
1. Foundation

The meat of freestyle dance is the moves or the foundation you learn in order to create your style. Which ever style it is, popping, breakdancing, contemporary there is a foundation to it and you must learn it. There are many free tutorials on youtube that you can check out, there are free tutorials on this site you can check out as well. FREE TUTORIALS

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2. Musicality

Probably one of the most important aspects of dance itself is… Music! You already do this when you sing along to a song or nod your head to the beat, now all that’s left is consciously training yourself to become a musical machine.

One of the things that stop people from dancing is thinking too much about it. The best way to become comfortable and natural at dancing is practicing and thinking about it. Ironic I know, but when you are actively practicing it until it becomes second nature when you get out on the dance floor you don’t think anymore and you just feel the music. That’s what the best of the best do.

How do we do this?

Listen to all types of music, especially your favorites. Practice your foundational moves to different instruments in the song. For example, dance to the drum snare ONLY. Then switch to maybe a guitar riff, then switch to the vocals. How you train to the music is up to you but the important part is focusing on one part of the song.

3. Personality

Lastly, but not leastly is personality and my favorite aspect of dance. This allows you to be you and not some dancing robot that came from a factory. (unless that’s what you’re going for)

How do you develop your personality? Just like any way you would do it.

Once you are done with your foundation and musicality training, just let it go and have FUN! Don’t worry about anything but having fun and making mistakes. (Just like Miss Frizzle says)

This allows you to make up your own moves and add them to your arsenal of moves. There are no wrong answers here and that’s the beauty of it!


Keep practicing and record yourself dance and analyse how you are doing all 3 of the steps.


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